I have a one room set-up, which kit should I go for?

by UFH1

Firstly you need to determine the size of the area to be heated and what pipe centres you need to install at – this will be determined by the heat source, the room type and possibly the floor covering. In Conservatories, wet rooms and areas with large glazed parts we recommend installing the pipes at 100mm spacing to compensate for the higher heat loss. If using an air or ground source heat pump, the pipes should be at 100mm regardless of the room type. A boiler based system in a standard solid construction room would usually have pipe installed at 200mm spacing.

There are three options for a one room setup:

The single room thermostatic valve kit

This covers a maximum area of 15m2 at 200mm pipe spacing. The thermostatic valve kit is pretty much like a radiator replacement with no need for electrical control – It is a temperature limiting valve system that would come on and off with the any other radiators linked to the heating system. The valve regulates the temperature to ensure the floor pipes don’t get too hot, which would prevent damage to screed / flooring etc.

The pumped single room kit

This covers a maximum area of 20m2 at 200mm pipe spacing, 10m2 at 100mm. The pumped kit can have its own feed from the heat source and be controlled independently from the rest of your heating system with a room thermostat and zone valve. An advantage of this kit over the thermostatic valve kit is that it has its own pump, therefore not putting any extra work on the boiler/heat pump circulating pump(s).

A multi port manifold

We’ll take the 2 port as an example, popular for one room areas. This can do a maximum area of 40m2 at 200mm pipe spacing, 20m2 at 100mm spacing. The 2 port manifold kit would have its own feed from the heat source and be controlled independently like the pumped single room kit. For areas over 20/40m2, a bigger manifold would be used, the biggest single manifold is12 ports which can do up to 240m2 at 200mm pipe spacing or 120m2 at 100mm spacing. More than one manifold can be used in large areas e.g. 2 x 12 port manifolds with pipes at 200mm spacing can cover 480m2!!

In and single room, actuators aren’t required to control individual ports and neither is a full wiring centre. One thermostat can be used with a simple junction box per manifold.

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