What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is the method of heating a room by using the entire floor space as the outlet. This is achieved from network pipes of hot water or electrical wires hidden beneath the floor.

This method of heating is more efficient than radiators, this is because underfloor heating operates at a lower heat while spreading the heat evenly throughout the room - radiators must operate at a higher temperature to ensure the heat reaches the other side of the room thus using more energy.

Underfloor heating originates back as far as 5,000 BC where smoke from a fire was tunnelled beneath stone floors to warm the stone. Over the next 7,000 years the underfloor heating methods used became more and more advanced and evelved into two systems; water and electric.

Now in the 21st century underfloor heating can be found in most cultures and cities. In 2010 the largest underfloor heating system was developed in China, where the system heats 71 stories of the Pearl River Tower.

Wet undefloor heating systems are water filled pipes or can be a mixture of water and anti-freeze that can be powered by a heat pump, gas, oil, or solar.

Wet underfloor heating kits have a lot more components that need to be fitted in order to work compared to an electric underfloor heating system so generally electric systems are easier to install as they can also be fitted directly underneath different types of flooring. Wet underfloor heating systems however need more room underneath the floor for the pipes to be fitted.

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