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With all the variations and options available for underfloor heating, it can be difficult to decide on what you need and if it is possible for you to have underfloor heating in your home. We’ve put together some helpful guides to help make it easier for you.

An introduction to UFH

The feeling of wellbeing is something we shouldn’t take for granted. Feeling warm and comfortable in our homes helps maintain the feeling of well being and promotes good health. There are numerous ways to experience warmth but only a few that guarantee real comfort. With an underfloor heating system, the heat surrounds you.The source, hidden away under the floor, is invisible and ideal for modern interior design and living.

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How much is UFH - price per m2?

We often get asked the question, " much is it per m2?" Although it is difficult to provide an accurate answer without specifying the system, we have got a few examples to give you some idea.

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What types of flooring can I have with UFH?

Information on the various types of flooring that can have UFH installed.

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Radiators vs. Underfloor Heating: The Pros and Cons

Traditionally radiators have been the most popular choice for homes and businesses - since cast iron radiators were used in Victorian times. However, underfloor heating is fast becoming the most popular option for new building and property refurbishments.

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Low Profile / Retrofit Underfloor Heating - Excavate or Over lay?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked from customers wishing to retro-fit underfloor heating (UFH) is what is best/most cost effective, excavate the existing floor or add a board system?

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Types of Floor constructions

Information on the various forms of flooring construction, and how underfloor heating may be installed.

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Can I have UFH with joisted floors?

Information on the three main types of joisted flooring; standard timber joists, I-Beam joists and Eco joists, and, how Underfloor Heating can be installed.

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How to prepare your floor for UFH

Preparing your solid floor for underfloor heating is highly important; failing to prepare your floor thoroughly may cause problems in the system later down the line.

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Which controls should I use?

Choosing the right control system for your underfloor heating project can be a daunting task, but fear not, we are here to help.

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