Smart phone control of your Underfloor Heating and beyond!

by UFH1

Homes are becoming more advanced, more efficient and smarter. The days of controlling a new heating system by a basic dial thermostat really are behind us.

The majority of heating systems now have a digital programmable thermostat (or thermostats for multi-zone systems) that can control heating at different temperatures and times for each zone. They are more accurate than a dial thermostat and have much more than on/off.

Smart phone/app enabled controls take this further. By having controls that are compatible to use from a smart phone, tablet or computer enables better more efficient use of the heating and therefore saves money! How many times have you left your heating on because you were in a rush to get to work etc? Smart phone controls enable you to adjust/turn on/off the heating from anywhere you have 3G, 4G or WiFi.

In addition, most of the controls apps have charts or graphs so you can see when and where the heating is being used the most to enable you to obtain further efficiency.

Toplo wifi 7 day app enabled thermostat

At UFH1, we use Toplo wifi for our smart phone control offering.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Intuitive menu-driven set-up, programming and operation with audio prompt to confirm touchscreen entries
  • Permanent program retention during power loss
  • Setpoint temperature “limited range” capable
  • Enhanced touchscreen security prevents tampering.
  • Room temperature display can be recalibrated up to +/- 5°C     
  • Can switch upto 16 amps (230v)
  • Temperature display resolution: 0.5°C
  • Temporary temperature override
  • C / F temperature format selection
  • Air / floor temperature calibration separately
  • Available in white, black,granite and silver plastic finishes.
  • A / AF/ F models all in one.                          
  • Combination of 3 models.
  • A - Air only, with built-in sensor.
  • F - Floor only,controls floor temperature.
  • AF - Controls air temperature with ability to limit the floor temperature.
  • Each thermostat is equipped with built-in sensor and a 3 meter floor sensor. The floor sensor can be extended.


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