How to select the right underfloor heating system for you

by UFH1

Underfloor heating is a great economical way of heating your home. Whether you are considering adding it to a building, as part of an extension, or as part of a new build or a renovation and it may be domestic or commercial.

Underfloor heating can be used alongside traditional radiators or as the only heating method but underfloor heating is more energy efficient than radiators. It works with all types of floors, tiles/natural stone, vinyl, engineered wood, solid wood and carpet.

It can be used with either a traditional boiler or any of the emerging renewable heat sources such as ground source and air source heat pumps.
There are two main options for underfloor heating, Wet or Electric.

Electric systems are particularly useful for one room installations, as they are installed directly underneath the flooring and work separately from your central heating system or where a sub-floor is already set. The wire mat floor systems are very thin and therefore cause little disruption to a room. The mesh mats are rolled out, connected together then connected to the mains supply and thermostat.

Wet systems are ideal for new builds, extensions and major extensions, as the pipes work at their best when they are laid in screed, this helps to spread the heat which makes it ideal for new floor constructions where the sub floor can fit the pipes and cement-work screed.

However there is an alternative wet system that avoids the upheaval of existing flooring, called Variocomp. A retrofit system with an ultra-low profile (only 18mm) which minimises the height of the finished floor level, a rapid heat output (due to the Gypsum Fibre material) and it also has the highest heat output of any retrofit underfloor heating system available in the UK – due to a pipe spacing of 100mm!

Wet systems help to reduce the overall water heating costs, as the temperature is generally a lot lower than that of a radiator (40°C to 65°C and a floor temperature of 23°C and 32°C). Electric systems are cheaper to install than wet but they are more expensive to run.

Electric Systems Overview
• Great for one room installations
• Work with existing flooring
• Work separately from central heating (can cost more)
• Cause little disruption to a room
• Cheaper to install than wet systems but more expensive to run

Wet Systems Overview
• Ideal for new builds, extensions & major extensions
• Works best when laid in screed as it spreads heat
• Reduces overall heating costs
• More expensive to install than electric systems however they are more economical
• Alternative Retrofit systems available for existing flooring – Variocomp

We hope we have helped you to decide which method is better for you and if you would like to discuss underfloor heating further with a member of our team, please contact us on 01302 276199 or at

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