Can I have underfloor heating if I have a wood floor?

by UFH1

Wooden floors have enjoyed a boom in popularity in recent years, with more home owners than ever recognising the advantages of a floor that is easy to clean,durable and attractive. If you are considering installing a heating system underneathyour wooden floor, there are some factors that you should take into account beforeyou go ahead with the installation.

Wood is an insulator, which means that it slows down the transmission of heat produced by the underfloor heating system, reducing the system’s efficiency. However, wood is less insulating than other flooring types such as carpet. The heat transmission characteristics of the wood can also be beneficial in that wood holds onto heat for a long time after the underfloor heating system is turned off, which means that the room will be kept warmer for longer by the underfloor heating system. The floor will feel pleasantly warm but not hot underfoot.

Underfloor heating works well with wooden floors because it keeps the whole floor at a uniform temperature. In contrast, other heating systems such as radiators or free standing heaters can create hot spots on a wooden floor, which can lead to warping. Warping is probably the main concern of home owners with wooden floors when theyare considering installing an underfloor heating system.

Underfloor heating systems must be carefully installed in order to avoid warping the wood floor. The system should be designed to spread the heat uniformly over the entire floor and the control settings should be set up to avoid sudden changes in temperature. Wooden floors are unfortunately prone to warping, but a properly designed and installed underfloor heating system should be able to prevent this potential problem.

Modern engineered wood floors are more suitable than solid hardwood floors for the installation of underfloor heating. Engineered wood floors consist of plywood or MDF boards covered with a hardwood veneer to give an attractive appearance. They are more stable and less prone to warping than solid hardwood floors. An engineered floor can easily be taken up and refitted once the underfloor heating system has been fitted.

A professional supplier can advise you about underfloor heating systems that are suitable for your wood floor - you can contact us if you require more information and advice.


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