Comparing Quotes

by UFH1

If you have received a quote that appears to be cheaper than an UFH1 quote it could have significantly less equipment or equipment of lower quality than ours – for example another company specifying pipe 300mm spacing where we might put 200mm spacing, digital or dial thermostats etc., etc and we would either re-quote to match or point out where the differences are.

We always specify our equipment with a full itemised list to do the job properly without cutting corners or quoting with vague equipment lists and usually find that ‘cheaper’ quotations fall short on equipment and/or quality and invariably the customer ends up having to fork out later for items “......that weren’t included”

We respectfully ask that if comparing quotes for underfloor heating and any of our other products that you check for the following:

  1. Amount of pipe (usually indicates the pipe coverage/spacing)
  2. Has the company specified 200mm pipe spacing or 300mm etc?
  3. Amount of manifold(s) and ports
  4. Type of thermostat(s) and number of
  5. Total kit including pumps / blending valves (if applicable) etc etc
  6. Equipment guarantees – UFH1 - Pipe 50 yrs / Manifolds 10yrs / Pump 2 yrs
  7. Is the equipment of European manufacture?

If you have a quote that is cheaper than an UFH1 quote, send us the cheaper quote, with an itemised list and quantities plus price and we will either quote like-for-like or beat that quote.


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