Commissioning the System

by UFH1

1. Check that all flow meters are open. Turn them anti-clockwise a couple of turns from closed

2. Switch the programmer for zone 1 so that it is calling for heat, you should see a flame signal.

3. There should be no actuators fitted on the manifold, the manifold pump should run and the zone valve should open (if one  is fitted).

4. The boiler should fire up at this stage and the system should circulate water. Turn the flow meter on all circuits until the plastic indicator is around 1.5 (if using a boiler) or 1 for heat pump systems. The flow meter scale works down, so allowing more flow (like opening a tap) moves the red indictor down. As each are adjusted, some  you may have already set may alter slightly. We find that it’s best to alter in small increments.

5. Turn the zone 1 room stat up to it’s highest temperature.

6. Within 5 minutes (some can take that long) the actuator should open there will be an indicator of sorts, usually either a viewing window with plastic indicator, plastic pin moves out of the top or a light within the unit.

7. Fit the actuator(s) to the appropriate valve(s) on the manifold (on large floor areas there may be more than 1 actuator, check the CAD).

8. Now turn off zone one and activate zone two. It is important to work methodically like this to ensure that the correct room stat is operating the appropriate actuator(s).

9. Repeat process until all actuators are checked.

10. Check system pressure is @ 1.5 bar & no further air is coming out of air vents.

11. Check that the temperature on the flow gauge reaches the required temperature – usually 50°C for a screed floor and 55-60°C for a suspended timber floor.

12. Remember for a screed floor the initial heat up period can be up to 8 hours


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