6 reasons why you need Variotherm wall heating in your home

by UFH1

Wall heating systems work very similar to underfloor heating in that they heat a room predominantly by radiation (like the sun) as a result of pumping warm water through looped pipes.

Wall heating systems are often used as an alternative to UFH in renovation projects. Until the recent additions of retrofit and wall heating systems, installing ufh resulted in the floor having to be excavated. Although Retrofit UFH kits have eliminated the need to fully excavate flooring, this does not mean wall heating systems are now redundant. It is not always economically viable to re-lay flooring after installing ufh such as in renovations of older homes.

In fact, there are still numerous reasons to use it, check out our list below:

  1. Safety First & 10 year Guarantee
    The panels are made from fireproof gypsum fibre boards which are environmentally friendly and certified for quality by the IBS Linz Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research. In addition to this, Variotherm are so confident in the quality of their wall panels that they offer a 10-year guarantee.

  2. Lower your heating bills by 25%
    The modular panel is an extremely energy efficient heating system which provides high output and works at low temperatures. The result of this is that your heating costs can be reduced by up-to 25%.

  3. Less coverage required
    Variotherm state you require 40-50% less coverage on walls compared to floor heating to achieve the same equivalent heat output.

  4. Walls & Ceilings
    The modular wall panels are totally flexible which means that they can be installed on walls and ceilings (even those that slope). In addition to this, the flexible panel systems are compatible with all of your design ideas such as plug sockets, light switches and can even deal with pictures.

  5. Comfortable and Healthy Environment
    The panels provide a gentle radiant heat sufficiently heating the room to a pleasant temperature. Furthermore, the system heats any room in a comfortable and healthy way without forced air.

  6. All Areas Covered
    The Variotherm system combines heating and a finished wall all in one unit, it is ideal for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallways for renovations and new builds. The walls still allow you to install plug sockets, light switches and hang pictures. In addition to this, the panels are available in 10 different sizes which enable you to fulfil all your design requirements.

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