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Underfloor heating and the benefits

by Damien Wilkinson
Underfloor heating is fast becoming the preferred option to heat any home or workspace. More and more people are choosing to heat their homes with Underfloor heating as it is very low to run but remains high in comfort with huge environmental benefits.Underfloor heating radiates upwards from the floor space, heating other surfaces in the room which in turn then radiate secondary heat.  Floor draughts are eliminated and the heat in the room remains even. More traditional methods such as wall mounted radiators are known as convected heating which uses the air in a room as the mechanism to disperse heat into the whole room.  Using this type of conventional heating means that naturally the warmest part of a room is the ceiling and the coolest is the floor.  This is the opposite of Underfloor heating which is warmer underfoot and loss of heat is minimised.
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