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Floor Constructions and Underfloor Heating

by UFH1
Underfloor heating is a great addition to any home, lowering your energy bills and providing your home with a more efficient heat source. However, you might be worried about how to install underfloor heating, or if you can install underfloor heating with joisted floors. Well don't worry, here are examples of how you install underfloor heating with solid and joisted floors:
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Can I have underfloor heating with joisted floors?

by Damien Wilkinson
Underfloor Heating in Joisted Floors There are three main types of floor joists: 1. Standard timber joists. Usually 9” x 2” at 400mm centres in homes built since 2000 but often smaller in older homes. Chipboard or planked flooring is usually nailed or screwed to them. Installing Underfloor Heating – Option a)  Wooden battens are fixed down the lengths of each joist 100mm/75mm from the top of the joist and 75/50mm foil backed insulation (such as Kingspan, Celotex etc.) is fitted in between the joists and supported by the battens. A 25mm gap is needed from the top of the insulation to the top of the joist. The pipes are stapled to the insulation and then, depending on the size of the joists, a sand/cement mix can be fitted to create thermal mass. The biscuit mix adds 20kg/m2 so the suitability of this should be checked with your building surveyor.
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